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APS Therapy for Diabetes Complications

APS Therapy provides great relief to patients suffering from various diabetes complications and help patients to live a better life.


APS Therapy has clinical ability to reduce neuropathy and in some cases even eliminate it. APS increases nerve signal conductivity by up to 65% for neuropathic nerves.


With APS Therapy a patient suffering from Nephropathy may find significant improvements in creatinine levels and kidney function in as little as 3-6 months


A frequent comorbidity of diabetes, Retinopathy, can be reversed by APS therapy if detected in early stage, within 3-4 months of treatment.


APS therapy has been clinically proven to reverse heart disease in diabetics thereby significantly reducing the risk of death from cardiomyopathy.

Diabetic Ulcers

APS Therapy is clinically proven to heal diabetic ulcers and completely heal chronic wounds, significantly minimizing amputation and decreasing threat of death through sepsis.

Assisted Living

For patients with diabetes complications we provide Independent Living and Companion Living with assistance of skilled nursing, either Long term or short term stay.

Meet our Diabetes Specialists

At Diabetes Care Clinic we have some of the best Diabetes specialist doctors to take care of your diabetic complications.

diabetologist ashish chauhan
Dr. Ashish Chauhan

Dr. Ashish Chauhan is a leading physician & Diabetologist with over 15 years of experience.

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Dr Rehan Sabir Momin

Dr Rehan Momin is a Qualified General Surgeon and Professor of Surgery. Dr.Momin has more than 10 years of experience in managing Diabetic related surgical diseases.

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diabetes specialist in Hyderabad

Dr. Prahlad brings in more than 30 years of experience in not only treating patients with Diabetes and its complications, but is actively involved in Diabetic care and research for over a decade.

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Dr. Govind Gill
Dr.Govind Gill

Dr. Govind Gill has been a practicing physician in the field of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes since 1994. Dr. Gill is affiliated with Saint Francis Hospital in Poughkeepsie, NY.

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Latest from Diabetes Care Blog

At Diabetes Care Clinic we not just provide treatment for diabetes complications but help you understand the root causes of diabetic problems and how to lead a healthy life.

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What Patients Say About APS Therapy

Read first hand experience from diabetic patients who were treated with APS Therapy for their diabetes complications.

  • Thanks to APS, my world looks better now! My vision was getting blurred and I could see dark patches, however, after APS treatment, these spots have reduced and now I can see the world a lot better.

  • Hello, I am very happy with the results I have received through APT. I must also compliment your customer service. It has been a long time since I have had such a wonderful experience. Rapid response to my query; absolute satisfaction for me, after my wound got healed. Great work! I will be using your APT procedure for a long time to come and will certainly recommend it to my family and friends!

Cashless Treatment

Diabetes Care Clinic offers Cashless Treatment for FHPL card holders.
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